Camp Sites in Central Montana

Camp Sites in Central Montana

Ackley Lake: Picnic, camper trailer access, boat launching facilities, swimming. The only state park in the Central Montana area. Located about 23 miles southwest of Lewistown, near Hobson.

Crystal Lake: U.S. Forest Service campgrounds. Picnicking and camp-ing with tables, fireplace units, boat launching facilities (no motor boats), potable water, fee charged. Located 35 miles southwest of Lewistown.

East Fork Dam: Picnicking and camping access, potable water and boat launching. Operated by the city of Lewistown. Located about 11 miles southeast of Lewistown near Allied Steel (the former U.S. Gypsum plant) at Heath.

Judith Landing: Boat launching, swimming, camp-ing access. Operated by the Bureau of Land Man-agement. Located 26 miles northwest of Winifred on Route 236.

Kipp Recreation Area: Boat launching, swimming and camping ac-cess. Operated by the Bureau of Land Management. Located 64 miles northeast of Lewistown on U.S. 191.

Kiwanis Campground: Picnicking and camping with tables and fire-place units. Located one mile west of Lewistown on Highway 87.

Little Belt Mountains: Various camping spots, many with picnic tables and outhouse facilities. Lo-cated 43 miles west of Lewistown past Utica.

Upper Carter’s Pond: Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks campground. Picnic facilities with tables. Day use only. Located 6.5 miles north of Lewistown on U.S. 191.