Catch the Mt. Trappers Convention

Catch the Mt. Trappers Convention

When you think of animal fur trappers, you might think of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. You probably think of a man who spends most of his time in the mountains, shaves rarely and bathes less. And there just may be a few modern-day trappers like that, but today many trappers are doctors and business people. Whatever they look like or how often they shave, nearly 2,000 head to Lewistown the second weekend in September every year for the Montana Trappers Association convention.

The public is welcome to attend any part of the three day event. Demonstrations on fur handling, trap setting, snaring, predator calling and various other trap-ping related topics are held. Convention goers will meet fellow trappers, eat good food and share experiences with over 300 people in attendance, including Miss Rodeo Montana and Miss Teen Rodeo Montana.

Members are encouraged to attend the annual business meeting where you will learn what is going on in the MTA, how you can help, and who to contact if you need help in some area. The NTA representative will fill you in on what’s going on in the National Trappers Association.

You may participate in several contest events whether you’re young or old, trapper or trapperette. From the rifle and pistol shoot, trap setting contest, skillet throw, beaver toss, or photo contest. Saturday evening is the biggest event of the weekend. Starting with the banquet, recognizing members accomplishments, picking the winners of the annual rendezvous raffle, and raising monies for the MTA to help finance the Association for the following year with our auction and fund-raiser. The evening culminates by announcing and giving away a free fur coat to a present member of the MTA.

When you attend the MTA rendezvous, you will have fun, learn, buy supplies, and most of all, you will be part of the MTA and Working Today For A Tomorrow In Trapping.

The MTA Rendezvous is held at the Fergus County Fairgrounds in Lewistown. For dates and more info please visit the Montana Trappers Association website at