Central Montana is a Hunter’s Haven

Central Montana is a Hunter’s Haven

Thanks to an impressive variety of game in Central Montana, hunters are drawn to the beauty and adventure found in this area considered by some to be a sportsman’s paradise.

The Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge has a number of game birds and animals, including elk, mule and whitetail deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, waterfowl, shartailed and sage grouse, partridge, turkeys and pheasants.

Whitetail deer can often be found in the creek and river bottoms, as well as foot-hills, while mule deer can be found in the mountains and plains of Central Montana. Antelope is also a popular animal to track for hunters in the area and can often be found on the wide-open prairies. Elk are plentiful in the Snowy, Little Belt and Judith Mountains, while bighorn sheep are found in the Missouri Breaks.

Bear hunting is also available. Big bruins can be found in the Little Belt Mountains south of Utica and Stanford and in the Big Snowy Mountains.

Waterfowl hunters, too, are in luck as the Pacific and Central flyway patterns cover portions of Central Montana. Upland game birds, such as pheasants, grouse, partridges and turkeys can be found in area grain fields, and sage grouse can be found in the drier areas while Mountain grouse are also plentiful in certain areas. And spring turkey season brings many hunters to Central Montana in search of gobblers.