Central Montana Medical Center (CMMC)

Central Montana Medical Center (CMMC) is the medical backbone of the central Montana community. Medical staff includes a full-expertise range of physicians, and consulting specialty doctors. There are a 25-bed hospital, 85 licensed-bed nursing home facility, a primary care clinic in Stanford, Montana, and an off-campus aquatics rehab facility.

From outpatient surgery, to rehab, to home-care, CMMC offers a full spectrum of health care services, such as Patient Care,Support Services, Diagnostic Services etc. with state-of-the-art equipment and a professional, caring medical team on-hand.

Medical Center Foundation of Central Montana Medical Center (CMMC) mission is to advocate confidence in, and support of the health services, programs and practitioners of Central Montana. Since 1997, Montana State University (MSU) Northern Nursing Program also has operated its nursing education system on site at Central Montana Medical Center (CMMC).

Nestled on top of the hill with a view of 5 majestic mountain ranges is our community hospital called Central Montana Medical Center or informally known as “CMMC.” CMMC’s medical staff includes a full-expertise range of active physicians. The medical offices include: Family Practice & O.B.; General Family Practice; Emergency Medicine, Radiologist, Orthopedic Surgeon; General Surgeon; Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine/Pediatrics and Podiatric Surgery & Medicine.

Fifty miles west of Lewistown, located in Stanford Montana is CMMC’s rural health-care clinic, Basin Medical Center, staffed by a Nurse Practitioner.

Traveling specialty physicians visit our hospital monthly and bi-monthly to serve the needs of our patients, ranging from neurology, pathology, oncology to dermatology.


Central Montana Medical Center (CMMC)
408 Wendell Ave
Lewistown, MT 59457
United States
(406) 535-7711
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