Climb Judith Peak

Want to climb the highest peak in the Judith Mountains and not even break a sweat? No problem. A couple of gallons of gas are all you need to enjoy one of the most spectacular sites in Central Montana. At 6,247 feet, Judith Peak is the highest mountain in the nearby Judith Range, and there is a well-maintained road all the way to the top. The views on the way up are great, but nothing compared to the summit. A vast, rolling sea of fields and prairie, small island mountain ranges seem to rise in every direction… except east, where the rolling plains continue all the way to Minnesota.

The top of the mountain itself is an interesting spectacle with a handful of radio towers and old cinder block buildings. The Air Force used to operate the facility, but today it is primarily used as a communications center for a number of local entities. Judith Peak and most of the surrounding Judith Mountains are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. There are a couple of ways to get there, but the easiest is to head north out of Lewistown on Hwy. 191 until you reach the turn to Maiden Canyon. From there, you just stay on the main road and follow the signs until you get to the top.