MSU Extension Service For Agricultural Economics & Economics

MSU Extension Service For Agricultural Economics & Economics mission is to "Disseminate and encourage individuals, families and communities in order to improve and strengthen Montana's families and communities." As part of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics, they are dedicated to the development of human capital through...

Synthesis Industries - Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System

One of the newest, most flexible, quick and effective cutting systems on the market is the abrasive waterjet cutting system. It combines water at high pressures with garnet to allow for precision cutting of almost any materials using the Cad/Cam designing system for your prototyping needs and cutting requirements for your manufactured components....

Petroleum County Office of Public Assistance

The Office of Public Assistance (OPA) is responsible for federal public assistance programs. These programs include: Food Stamps, Medicaid and FAIM Cash Assistance.