Discover Lewistown & Central Montana

The Lewistown Area residents would like to welcome you to the gem in the center of the state. We have several jewels to entice you to visit our great city.

The Charlie Russell Chew-Choo departs northwest of town to offer a treat to those who want to try something special. A prime rib dinner is served, along with a narrated train ride, and surprises along the way.

Just six miles south of Lewistown is the world’s third-largest fresh water spring. It produces over 90 million gallons of ice-cold 99.9 percent pure water every day, and it is the water source for our city. From it flows Big Spring Creek, one of the best blue ribbon trout fishing streams in Montana, and it supports one of the most prolific fish hatcheries in the state.

Thirty miles southwest of Lewistown, in the Big Snowy Mountains, is Crystal Lake. There you will find a perfect setting for camping, picnicking, hiking and fishing. Crystal Lake trails lead to the Ice Caves, Hidden Valley flower trail, Crystal Cascades waterfall, the summit of the Big Snowy Mountain range, and a nice easy walk around the lake.

Northeast of Lewistown is the C.M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge that features a fall spectacle of elk viewing that must be seen.

We are proud of our many fine parks throughout the city, including the newest, Veterans Memorial Park, which displays bronze statues and huge flags to honor our veterans. In Frank Day Park there is also a Community Labyrinth Garden that was created and is maintained by volunteers. It is a pleasure to visit and walk the path that is a symbol of unity and is used as a walking meditation. We also have several other walking trails along Big Spring Creek that are being improved each year.

You will find fine shopping in Lewistown. Downtown is filled with small family-owned stores; you can spend a day just browsing among them. We have a variety of restaurants to choose from. They range from fine dining, specialty foods and ethnic food to fast food.

Please note the unique stone buildings that fill our downtown and surrounding blocks. Croatian stonemasons emigrated from their native country just after the turn of the 20th century. Their handiwork here is still evident.

Lewistown is busy with activities throughout the year. We have the Chokecherry Festival, the Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering, high school rodeo, Central Montana Fair and Rodeo, the Community Concert Series, Pioneer Power Days steam engine show, several high school sports tournaments, drag racing on Montana’s oldest quarter-mile drag strip, auto motocross (BMG) races, motorcycle racing, a Christmas Stroll, a fabulous art center, a fine historical museum, an active Chamber of Commerce, and lots more.

We are famous for being in close proximity to the Yogo Sapphire mines, and the mountains surrounding Lewis-town are filled with old gold mines. But to truly strike it rich, come to Lewistown.