Fergus County Weed Control Department

The annual, yellow starthistle, appears as a basal rosette in the early spring. The leaves of the rosette are deeply lobed with a pointed tip, similar to a dandelion rosette. The rigid stems vary from 1 to 5 feet in height depending on environmental conditions. Stem leaves are vertical, flat extensions along the stem (wings) and are covered with cottony hairs which persist through the winter. Flower heads are yellow and singly located at the ends of branches. Sharp, straw-colored spines up to 3/4 inch long radiate from the bracts in a star pattern. Seeds are of two types. They can be dark-colored without bristles or light-colored with a tuft of white bristles at one end. After seed dispersal a hairy tuft, resembling a cotton-ball, remains on the end of the stem and can persist throughout the winter. Yellow starthistle, a native to Europe, can cause the fatal "chewing disease" if fed to horses.

The Weed District has a County Weed Control Management Plan for any subdivision or any areas to be disturbed must be submitted to the Fergus County Weed District for approval by the Fergus County Weed Board. This plan will be subject to review and updating on an annual basis.

The Fergus County Road and Bridge Department works closely with the Weed District Coordinator to locate, identify, and control the noxious weeds on County roads within the County rights-of-way.

Fergus County Weed Seminar/Training also held at Eagles Hall, 124 W Main St, Lewistown MT

Fergus County Weed Coordinator:
Brady Cannon
PO Box 878
205 Armory Road
Lewistown, MT 59457
Tel: 406.535.3970
Email: fcwe...@midrivers.com

MSU Extension Agent/ Fergus County Weed Extension Agent:
Darren Crawford
712 West Main
Lewistown, MT 59457
Tel: (406) 535-3919 or 538-7611
FAX: (406) 535-5144
Email: d...@montana.edu or ferg...@montana.edu
Website: http://midrivers.net/~fergusco1/

Fergus County Weed Conservation District/ Natural Resources Conservation Service:
Shonny Nordlund
Tel: 406.538.7401
Email: Shon...@mt.nacdnet.net

Montana Weed Control Association: http://www.mtweed.org/
Fergus County Road & Bridge Standards by the Fergus County Commissioners: http://www.midrivers.com/~fergusco/commissioners/RoadStandardsFinal2011.pdf
Fergus County Weed Department: http://www.midrivers.com/~fergusco/weed/index.html


Fergus County Weed Control Department
P O Box 878
Lewistown, MT 59457
United States
406 535-3970, Cell: 406-366-0525
406 535-9220