Fun in the Spring

Fun in the Spring

Spring is the time to watch Central Montana wake up from its long winter nap. Wildflowers bloom, paddlefish run in the Missouri, waterfowl migrate through the area by the thousands and the deer and elk head back up to their summer sanctuar-ies in the mountains.

One of the most fascinating springtime rituals is the annual mating dance per-formed by sharp-tail and sage grouse at “leks” spread throughout the area. And spring black bear and turkey hunting seasons are available to sportsmen.

Because of our agriculture backgound, one will start seeing various “young” spring up around the area. Spring is a time of birth. You will see lambs, calves and foals in abundance in this area enjoying and playing under the strong rays of the spring-time sun.

The wildlife will also begin popping up. Young fawns from deer and antelope are always favor-ites to spot. Don’t forget about the abundance of young birds that will begin arriving in the later spring.

With so many activities to choose from, it’s easy to see why so many call Central Montana a year-round playground.