Lewistown City Parks

Whether you’re looking for a picnic spot, tennis, swimming or just a place to let the kids roam, you’ll find plenty of parks in Lewistown for your enjoyment.

d’Autremont Softball Complex: Near the airport on Air-port Road. Softball fields, walking trail nearby. Home of Montana Softball Hall of Fame.

Frank Day City Park: End of Fifth Avenue South. Picnic tables, barbecues, playground equipment, Labyrinth gar-den, outdoor Olympic-size swimming pool and double-plumed waterslide, volleyball pit, winter ice skating rink and warming house.

Frog Ponds: West Spring Street. Walking trails, fishing ponds, educational kiosks, wildlife viewing.

Hawthorne Park: 204 W. Evelyn. Playground equipment, baseball diamond, basketball courts and children’s play area.

Jaycees Park: At the corner of Park Avenue and Cotton-wood Street. Baseball diamond, basketball courts, chil-dren’s play area.

Judith Park: One-quarter mile north on US Hwy. 191. Undeveloped area.

Kiwanis Park: 1103 Seventh Ave. N. Skate park, basket-ball courts, baseball diamond, playground equipment, picnicking.

Reed’s Fort Post Office: On Casino Creek Drive between Brassey and Shields Streets. Site of historic Reed’s Fort Post Office, a small log structure which once served as a military post office. Picnic table.

Robinson Park: Off the Airport Road, unmaintained, with some picnic tables. Opportunities for bird watching and nature observation.

School Park: Fourth Avenue South and Cook Street. Adja-cent to Frank Day City Park. Baseball diamond and bas-ketball court.

Symmes Park: East Main Street between Ridgelawn and Prospect streets. Tennis court, playground equipment, picnic tables, baseball and horseshoes. Lewistown Area Chamber of Commerce and museum are also located at the edge of the park.

Triangle Park: Along the railroad tracks at the corner of 10th Avenue North and Washington Street. Playground apparatus and picnic tables. Also known as Railroad Park or Sunken Garden Park.

Veteran’s Park: At the Mill Ditch next to the Yogo Inn. Picnic table, flower bed.