Lewistown Trail System

Lewistown Trail System

For a community its size, Lewistown has a trail system offering great opportunities to explore whether on foot or bicycle and an extension west of town for equestrian use. Through a combination of City foresight in acquiring a large section of abandoned rail bed and the enthusiastic support of volunteers, there is now nearly 20 miles of trails available to the public.

You might want to start behind the Yogo Inn where the trail system crosses Main Street and start walking or riding to the south. You’ll parallel the Spring Creek flood control channel and then come around behind Frank Day Park. You might want to spend some time at the park and walk through the Labyrinth Garden or let the kids play on the swings swim in the city pool. From there continue south and you’ll cross Ash Street and enter the Brewery Flats recreation area. This is a beautiful natural spot where the trail follows the meanders of Big Spring Creek. Wildlife are abundant and you can check the surface of the creek to see if the trout are snacking on insects. As you can see on the map, there are several small loops to enjoy in that section of the trail system.

Heading back toward town, you can bear left as you approach Frank Day Park and continuing to the northwest to explore the trails that circle the Frog Ponds. Many a small fisherman has had an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime tying into one of the larger trout stocked in the ponds. If you continue past the Frog Ponds, you can access the trail along Airport Road and you may be able to see the bison family that lives behind the Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Building. You can also stop at the Headquarters Building and get information on the refuge, while seeing the progress on the interpretive nature trail they are building around the perimeter of their site.

Going back to the Yogo Inn, another possibility is to head north. That will take you to the Fergus County Fairgrounds where there frequently are activities of interest.

Another possibility is to walk or ride the equestrian trail that starts at the west edge of town and goes west for a total of eight miles. You’ll cross Cottonwood Creek before passing through Glengarry and then Beaver Creek before reaching the turnaround at McMillan Road.

The trails are one of Lewistown’s great assets. Enjoy!!!