LiveHelp Kiosks: Free Legal Self-Help For Rural Montana Residents

Are you in Lewistown, Wolf Point or Miles City? Free legal self-help computer kiosks are now available at the Roosevelt Public Library in Wolf Point, the Custer County Courthouse in Miles City and the Fergus County Courthouse in Lewistown. The kiosks can be used to access online legal information, fill out self-help forms, or chat with a Montana Legal Services Association staff member through LiveHelp. Computer kiosks designed to connect rural Montana residents with free legal help are now available.

The computers allow people access to free online legal help and forms. People who have questions can use the computer to link to a “live chat” with a staff member of Montana Legal Services Association, an organization that provides free legal assistance for civil cases to low-income residents.

The kiosks are part of a collaborative effort by the legal services organization, the Montana Law Library, the Montana Supreme Court Office of Court Administrator and Pro Bono Net, a national nonprofit organization. Each kiosk cost about $2,500. That figure does not include the cost of staff time to respond to inquiries, said Michelle Hauer of Montana Legal Services Association.

Eastern Montana LiveHelp Kiosk Project Provides:

  • TIG grant
  • Promotes and expands LiveHelp in rural Eastern Montana through 3 kiosk sites.
  • Partners are MLSA, Pro Bono Net, State of Montana Law Library, State of Montana Supreme Court Office of Court Administrator.
  • Formalized partnerships. Meetings. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with project sites.

The same free legal help is available on the Internet at For more information, please visit the Legal System section of If you can't find the information you want, click on the LiveHelp button. Or call the Montana Legal Services Association HelpLine at 1 (800) 666-6899.