MSU Extension’s Food and Nutrition Programs

MSU Extension’s Food and Nutrition Programs Focus Areas and Highlights:

  • Nutrition Education Programs:

    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) As well as Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). SNAP-Ed offers nutrition education to SNAP participants and persons eligible to receive benefits. SNAP-Ed participants are Montana families with children, youth, seniors, singles, and individuals with developmental disabilities throughout the state. MSU EFNEP targets youth and limited-resource adults with children under the age of 19, and reaches individuals through series of sessions and demonstrations. Ultimately, the goal is to contribute to personal development and improvement of the total family diet and nutritional well-being.

  • Strong Women Program: - Montana offerings of a national program to implement safe and effective strength training programs for midlife and older women.
  • Food Preservation for Montanans: - National Websites and MSU Extension Montguides for the consumer.
  • Steps to a New You: - Community-based healthy lifestyle program that is highly effective in improving activity, food and nutrition, and body image.
  • ServSafe: - Nationally recognized program for food safety training for food service personnel.
  • Starting a Specialty Food Business: - MSU video and resource guide addressing critical issues for entrepreneurs. Click here for program brochure/ ordering info.
  • Get Real: Ads, Images & the Truth: - MSU video featuring teens discussing body image and media literacy.
  • Celebrating Food Safety at Pow Wows: - MSU food safety video and promotional materials for use at Pow Wows.
  • Food Safety Trainings Across Montana
  • Safe Aid for Food Banks: - Food safety program developed in Montana for use in food banks.
  • Meth Prevention Education Planning Toolkit for Community Educators & Teachers - A toolkit of materials that help educate people about methamphetamine, its impacts and how communities can respond.
  • Small Steps to Health and Wellness (SSHW) - encourages participants to make positive behavior changes to simultaneously improve their health and personal finances.
  • Alzheimers Toolkit - to face the challenges of caring for families needing support and guidance.

Office Staff For Fergus County MSU Extension’s Food and Nutrition Programs:

Denise Seilstad (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Cora French-Robinson (Health & Human Development (Food and Nutrition))
Program Director

Darren Crawford (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Lynn Paul (Health & Human Development (Food and Nutrition))
Food/Nutrition Specialist
Tel.: (406) 994-5702

Jackie Provance (Health & Human Development (Food and Nutrition))
Assistant Nutrition Education Coordinator
Tel.: (406) 994-2015

Bertie Brown (Fergus County)
Administrative Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Jennifer Saunders (Fergus County)
4-H Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Carrie Benke (Health & Human Development (Food and Nutrition))
4 Health Project Director
Tel.: (406) 994-4351

Stephanie Daigle (Health & Human Development (Food and Nutrition))
SNAP-Ed Accounting Analyst
Tel.: (406) 994-2230

Jan Feist (Health & Human Development (Food and Nutrition))
Office Manager
(405) 994-5702

Kimberly Trafton (Health & Human Development (Food and Nutrition))
EFNEP/SNAP-Ed Administrative Support
Tel.: (406) 994-6022


Health & Human Development (Food and Nutrition)/ Nutrition Education Programs (SNAP-Ed and EFNEP)
PO Box 173370, 101 Romney
Bozeman, MT 59717-3370
United States
o - (406) 994-5702, p - (406) 994-6022
(406) 994-7300,