MSU Extension’s Local Government Center

MSU Extension’s Local Government Center is to strengthen the capacities of local governmental units and provide training, technical assistance, and research services to elected, appointed, and administrative officials. They work to support Montana's cities, towns, and counties by partnering with local government practitioners and their professional associations.

Offer one-time and recurring seminars, workshops, and professional certification programs to city and county elected officials and local government practitioners. The Local Government Center responds to municipal and county requests for on-site technical assistance by developing durable solutions to local problems. An important outcome of the Center's direct involvement with Montana's county and municipal governments has been the accumulation of experience and information about the critical issues facing small communities and their governments.

Program Objectives

  • Strengthen the capacity of Montana's rural units of local government to deliver essential services efficiently.
  • Enhance the policy making, financial management and personnel management skills of elected local government officials.
  • Advance the professional skills and standing of the appointed clerks, treasurers, finance officers and other elected and appointed local governmental managers.
  • Develop and sustain professional communication networks between elected and appointed officials at the local level and relevant state and university resource agencies.
  • Provide timely and objective policy research and analysis on local issues in support of local officials, state legislators and the professional association of municipal and county officials and for wide public dissemination.
  • Conduct and enrich local government instruction.

Office Staff For Fergus County MSU Extension’s Local Government Center:

Denise Seilstad (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Dan Clark (Local Government Center)
Director of Local Government Center
Tel.: (406) 994-7756

Betsy Webb (Local Government Center)
Associate Director, LGC
Tel.: (406) 994-6680

Darren Crawford (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Bertie Brown (Fergus County)
Administrative Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Jennifer Saunders (Fergus County)
4-H Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Jen Blessum (Local Government Center)
Administrative Support (Local Governement Center)
Tel.: (406) 994-6694


MSU Extension’s Local Government Center
235 Culbertson Hall, P.O. Box 170535
Bozeman, MT 59717-0535
United States
o - (406) 994-6694, p - (406) 994-7756
(406) 994-1905