MSU Extension’s Marketing & Communications Development

MSU Extension’s Marketing & Communications Development is to enhance MSU's public image, increase the public's awareness of MSU's accomplishments, and develop consistent communications that build reputation to provide a wide range of services to the university community through operational units: MontanaPBS, MSU News Service, MSU Publications and Graphics, MSU Web Communications, University Marketing, MSU Public Relations and University Printing.

Extension Communications staff in the MSU Office of Communications and Public Affairs and the MSU Extension Director's Office work primarily with campus-based MSU Extension specialists, county and reservation MSU Extension agents, and researchers at Montana's Agricultural Experiment Stations.

The goal of the communications team is to expand the reach and effectiveness of Extension's educational resources by providing expertise in the following areas:

  • Helping MSU Extension authors develop research-based, audience appropriate educational publications. (Planning, editing, graphic design, production and distribution.)
  • Helping Extension and other MSU faculty develop electronic communications such as DVDs, videos, PSAs, PowerPoints and distance education projects. (From planning through production and distribution.)
  • Offering tools and support to help field staff promote MSU Extension resources in their local communities.
  • Publicizing the research and activities of MSU Extension faculty members on and off campus.
  • Helping Extension faculty who are seeking grants accurately estimate costs for educational publications and multi-media projects.

Office Staff For Fergus County MSU Extension’s Marketing & Communications Development:

Denise Seilstad (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Darren Crawford (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

David Ashcraft (Marketing & Communications Development)
Editing/Graphic Design
Tel.: (406) 994-2101

Sara Adlington (Marketing & Communications Development)
Editing/Graphics Design
Tel.: (406) 994-4602

Bertie Brown (Fergus County)
Administrative Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Jennifer Saunders (Fergus County)
4-H Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Susan Anderegg (Marketing & Communications Development)
Graphic Designer
Tel.: (406) 994-2431


MSU Extension’s Marketing & Communications Development
P.O. Box 172230, Culbertson Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717-2230
United States
o - (406) 994-5132, p - (406) 994-2101