MSU Extension’s Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology

The Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology at Montana State University- Bozeman has three missions: (i) science-based undergraduate, graduate, and Extension education, (ii) research/creative activity, and (iii) outreach/service. Off-campus students, not enrolled in degree programs, want further development of their problem solving and lifelong learning skills through extension and outreach programs.

The Smith-Leaver Act of 1914 established the Extension Service whose mission is to provide instruction and practical demonstrations in agriculture related subjects.

The MSU College of Agriculture is supported by the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES), which conducts relevant research for the people of Montana, and MSU Extension, which disseminates the research findings through a network of county and reservation of? ces and other venues. Many College of Agriculture faculty and staff are fully or partially funded by MAES or MSU Extension.

Departmental programs develop and promote an understanding of the biology of plants and associated microbes from the molecular to the population level, and of the processes and interactions involved in plant- based biological systems. These programs include the investigation of plant and fungal structure, function, genetics and adaptation; the development and dissemination of management principles relating to the control of plant diseases; the production of food, fiber and ornamental plants; and the efficacious and aesthetic use of plants in the environment. Primary emphasis is placed upon the study of crop and ornamental plants, and plant pathogens, and associated microbes of importance to the state, nation and world.

Extension instructional programs provide research-based information, technological developments, and basic education to Montana’s agricultural and horticultural industries, homeowners and natural resource professionals to enhance competitiveness, profitability and sustainability. Outreach is primarily accomplished through the MSU Extension Service or through workshops, seminars, symposia, electronic and print media. Outreach and service reflect the special interests and assignments of the faculty.

Office Staff For Fergus County MSU Extension’s Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology:

Denise Seilstad (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

John Sherwood (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Department Head
Tel.: (406) 994-5153

Barry Jacobsen (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Plant Pathology Specialist
Tel.: (406) 994-5161

Darren Crawford (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Mary Burrows (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Extension Plant Pathology Specialist
Tel.: (406) 994-7766

Bertie Brown (Fergus County)
Administrative Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Jennifer Saunders (Fergus County)
4-H Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Nina Zidack (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
MPIA Director
Tel.: (406) 994-5150

Kevin Wanner (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Assistant Professor of Entomology
Tel.: (406) 994-5663

Melissa Graves (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Plant Identification Diagnostician

Skoglund Linnea (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Plant Disease Diagnostics

Ruth O'Neill (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Research Associate

William Grey (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Research Assistant Professor (Small Grains)
Tel.: (406) 994-5687

Irene Decker (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Administrative Support
Tel.: (406) 994-5171

Joanna Dumas (Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology)
Administrative Associate
Tel.: (406) 994-4832


MSU Extension’s Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
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Bozeman, MT 59717-3150
United States
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