MSU Extension’s Political Science for Community Development

Department of Political Science serves as the Extension Community Development. Working in partnership with the Local Government Center by providing research, technical assistance and training on various community development topics in communities across the state. Specifically provides resources and programs in many areas including community strategic visioning, local governance, leadership development training, community tourism assessment and development, economic and business development, community profiling, conflict management and resolution, economic impact assessments, planning facilitation, and community surveys.

Extension Specialists and Agents work to address community development issues identified by the people of Montana in their home communities.

Youth leadership development is critical in building civic capacity and long-term community sustainability. Programs that teach useful skills and build the self-confidence of young people ensure capable, effective leaders for the next generation. Recent national trends including an increase in youth civic service and new emphasis on civic education in schools indicate a growing need for leadership training to ensure young people are prepared to participate in political and civic life.

While direct beneficiaries of Extension programs have always been a source of crucial political support for Extension, demonstrating our public value can be the key to shoring up support from the rest of the population. By understanding and substantiating the public benefits Extension programs provide as a publicly funded organization, is doing what it is truly meant to do.

Office Staff For Fergus County MSU Extension’s Political Science for Community Development:

Denise Seilstad (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Jerry Johnson (Political Science)
Department Head
Tel.: (406) 994-5164

Paul Lachapelle (Political Science)
Community Development Specialist
Tel.: (406) 994-3620

Darren Crawford (Fergus County)
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Bertie Brown (Fergus County)
Administrative Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919

Jennifer Saunders (Fergus County)
4-H Support
Tel.: (406) 535-3919


MSU Extension’s Political Science
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Bozeman, MT 59717-2240
United States
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