MSU Fergus County Extension Service

Extension's statewide information and Education network links Montana State University - Bozeman with citizens around the state via Extension offices in most counties and reservations. MSU Fergus County Extension Office is located in Lewistown, Montana with two Extension Agents and one 4-H Program Assistant. The Montana State University Extension is an ADA/EO/AA/Veteran's Preference Employer and Provider of Educational Outreach.

Fergus County is located in central Montana and has 2,721,920 acres which equates to 4,253 square miles. The population of Fergus County is 12,690 people with 800 farms and ranches. The county seat is Lewistown (pop 5,734) and other communities in the county include; Moore (pop. 207), Judith Gap (pop 142), Denton (pop 295), Winifred (pop 184), Hilger, Roy and Grass Range (pop 142). Agricultural production and agricultural business form the basis of the economy. They are very proud of the beauty and variety of the landscape in Central Montana. The area is well known for tourism, outdoor recreation, hunting and fishing opportunities. Geographic features include mountains, spring creeks, mountain streams and lakes, foothills, large rivers, rough river breaks and rolling prairie. Historically it is known as "Charlie Russell" country and for the Lewis and Clark Expedition. They also have 4-H members from Petroleum County which is located just to the east of Fergus County. The only community in this county is Winnett (pop 184), the county seat. This county has lots of wide open space and is composed of large cattle ranches with some farming. The geography is plains and river breaks. Also see: Lewistown, Montana - At A Glance

Fergus County is usually one of top 10 counties in Montana in terms of cash receipts from agriculture; about $58,000,000 annually. (additional 8.5 million from government payments) This is how Fergus County ranks:

  • Cattle - 3rd
  • All Hay - 4th by tonnage (alfalfa hay 2nd by tonnage) 1st by acreage
  • Oats - 5th
  • Winter Wheat - 5th
  • Barley - 6th
  • Spring Wheat - 17th

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About MSU Extension Service

MSU Extension Service connects researchers and educators on campus with a web of MSU faculty located throughout the state's 56 counties and seven reservations. Guided by public input, Extension agents and campus-based specialists develop educational programs and partnerships that respond to local needs. The result is a dynamic educational resource the helps Montanans meet new challenges, make informed decisions and take action to improve their own lives.

MSU Extension is a cooperative partnership between Montana Counties, Montana State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, receiving funds from county, state and federal sources. MSU Extension:

  • Providing practical applications of research knowledge that people can use to improve their own lives.
  • Offering unbiased information that people are free to apply on their own terms.
  • Creating partnerships for effective programs to produce positive impacts state-wide.
  • Developing relevant educational resources that respond to current and changing needs.
  • Empowering people and communities, through education, to improve their own quality of life.
  • Providing accessible resources to all people, equally and without discrimination.
  • Solving public needs with university resources through non-formal, non-credit programs.
  • Serving as an unbiased, non-regulatory educational outreach agency.
  • MSU Fergus County Extension Service Programs:

    • 4-H Center for Youth Development

      4-H is a positive youth development organization that empowers young people to reach their full potential. A vast community of more than 6 million youth and adults working together for positive change, 4-H enables America’s youth to emerge as leaders through hands-on learning, research-based 4-H youth programs and adult mentorship, in order to give back to their local communities. More details: Montana Fergus/Petroleum County 4-H Center for Youth Development

    • 4-H Foundation

      The Montana 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees serves to raise private funds to support the Montana 4-H program. More specifically, the 4-H Foundation assists with the financial support of the Montana 4-H program for members, volunteer leaders and Extension staff. More details: Montana 4-H Foundation

    • MSU Fergus County Extension - Agriculture

      : A cooperative and multi-faceted program led by federal, state, and private sector agencies, Undaunted Stewardship seeks to ensure the long-term maintenance of the environmental quality and economic productivity of privately-owned, agricultural landscapes - especially areas rich in history along the Lewis & Clark Trail in Manhattan. More details: MSU Extension - Agriculture Index

    • MSU Extension Service For Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS):

      MSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences professionals pool their expertise in food and nutrition, housing, health, family issues, personal finances, and environmental health to provide innovative and targeted programs based on the needs of Montana families, individuals, businesses and communities. More details: MSU Fergus/Petroleum County Extension Service For Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)

    • Administration

      Montana State University (MSU) Extension Program Areas include: Youth Development such as; Montana 4H, Family & Human Development, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Home, Health & Family Publications. Also programs include Crops & Livestock, Community, Family & Home, Yard & Garden, Energy program etc. More details: MSU Extension Administration

    • Agricultural Economics & Economics

      MSU Extension Service For Agricultural Economics & Economics mission is to "Disseminate and encourage individuals, families and communities in order to improve and strengthen Montana's families and communities." More details: MSU Extension Service For Agricultural Economics & Economics

    • Animal and Range Sciences

      Activities involve education, certification, conservation, and research in the fields of cattle, entomology, equine, forage, natural resources, range science, sheep, swine, and wildlife. More details: MSU Extension Service For Animal and Range Sciences

    • Community Resources

      MSU Extension’s Community Resources Program is designed to provide information, education, resources, technical assistance and services that help create healthy, safe, thriving Montana communities. More details: MSU Extension’s Community Resources Program

    • Department of Research Centers

      Montana’s structure is better suited to recognizing the role of research center faculty in addressing the practical needs of Montana’s agriculture as an underlying tenet for development of research programs. More details: MSU Extension’s Community Resources Program

    • Education

      It connects researchers and educators on campus with a web of MSU faculty located throughout the state's 56 counties and seven reservations. Guided by public input, Extension agents and campus-based specialists develop educational programs and partnerships that respond to local needs. More details: MSU Extension’s Education Programs

    • Extension Forestry

      Extension Forestry provides forest landowner education programs ranging from core Forest Stewardship Planning Workshops to topic specific workshops like Windbreaks/Living Snowfences, Alternative Forest Management Practices, Wildfire Hazard Reduction, and Tree Pruning & Care. More details: MSU Extension Forestry Programs

    • Extension Horticulture

      MSU Extension’s horticulture programs, publications and links provide expert yard, garden and urban integrated pest management resources for individuals and business throughout Montana. This MSU Extension is for cultivating yard and garden knowledge including Flowers, Fruits, General, Landscaping, Trees & Shrubs, Vegetables, etc. More details: MSU Extension’s Horticulture Programs for Yard and Garden

    • Fire Services Training School

      The Fire Services Training School (FSTS) is the state level agency charged with providing professional development for community fire and rescue services. For administrative purposes, the FSTS is attached to the Extension Service of Montana State University. More details: MSU Extension’s Fire Services Training School (FSTS)

    • Health & Human Development

      MSU Extension’s Family & Human Development Programs serves individuals and families of all kinds from the elderly to children, from single parents to couples. More details: MSU Extension’s Family & Human Development Programs

    • Health & Human Development (Food and Nutrition)

      Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) As well as Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). SNAP-Ed offers nutrition education to SNAP participants and persons eligible to receive benefits. Montana offerings of a national program to implement safe and effective strength training programs for midlife and older women. More details: MSU Extension’s Food and Nutrition Programs

    • Information Technology & Distribution

      Information Technology & Distribution indicates an improvement enabled by information technology developed by central or distributed IT personnel in conjunction with business procedure improvements. Improvements specific to the IT team are listed under INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. More details: MSU Extension’s Information Technology & Distribution

    • Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

      Land Resources & Environmental Science is for integrating basic and applied sciences to understand and manage resources in agricultural and natural landscapes. The Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences (LRES) provides science-based research/creative activity, teaching, and outreach/public service. More details: MSU Extension’s Land Resources and Environmental Sciences (LRES)

    • Local Government Center

      MSU Extension’s Local Government Center is to strengthen the capacities of local governmental units and provide training, technical assistance, and research services to elected, appointed, and administrative officials. They work to support Montana's cities, towns, and counties by partnering with local government practitioners and their professional associations. More details: MSU Extension’s Local Government Center

    • Marketing & Communications Development

      MSU Extension’s Marketing & Communications Development is to enhance MSU's public image, increase the public's awareness of MSU's accomplishments, and develop consistent communications that build reputation to provide a wide range of services to the university community through operational units: MontanaPBS, MSU News Service, MSU Publications and Graphics, MSU Web Communications, University Marketing, MSU Public Relations and University Printing. More details: MSU Extension’s Marketing & Communications Development

    • Out of State Specialists

      Provide an educational resource to improve the quality of people's lives by disseminating research-based knowledge to strengthen the social, economic and environmental well-being of Montana's people, communities and agricultural enterprises and sustain their economic status and quality of life. More details: MSU Extension’s Out of State Specialists

    • Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology

      The Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology at Montana State University- Bozeman has three missions: (i) science-based undergraduate, graduate, and Extension education, (ii) research/creative activity, and (iii) outreach/service. Off-campus students, not enrolled in degree programs, want further development of their problem solving and lifelong learning skills through extension and outreach programs. More details: MSU Extension’s Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology

    • Political Science

      Department of Political Science serves as the Extension Community Development. Working in partnership with the Local Government Center by providing research, technical assistance and training on various community development topics in communities across the state. More details: MSU Extension’s Political Science for Community Development


MSU Fergus County Extension Service
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United States
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