Superintendent Of Fergus County School Districts: Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Lewistown Public Schools are some of the best in the state and consistently stand out when compared to the state and national levels. A well-rounded curriculum, combined with an abundance of extracurricular offerings, provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences for youngsters as they make their first steps into the world.

Many take advantage of the variety of activities offered emphasizing music and the other fine arts, as well as vocational programs such as FFA, FCCLA and others.

Lewistown boasts an excellent teaching staff consisting of over 100 teachers, approximately two-thirds of which have attained master’s degrees in their field. The school district clerk is hereby directed to certify the results of the election to the county auditor of each county in which the school district is located in whole or in part.

  • School Districts in Fergus County: Kindergarten through 12th Grade:

    • Ayers Elementary,

      P. O. Box 100, Grass Range, MT 59032, 406-428-2368

    • Deerfield Elementary,

      306 Deerfield Rd, Lewistown, MT 59457-9513, 406-538-3852

    • Denton Public Schools,

      P. O. Box 1048, Denton, MT 59430, 406-567-2370

    • Grass Range Public Schools,

      P. O. Box 58, Grass Range, MT 59032, 406-428-2122

    • King Colony Elementary,

      2370 King Colony Rd, Lewistown, MT 59457, 406-538-9702

    • Lewistown Public Schools,

      215 Seventh Ave. S., Lewistown, MT 59457, 406-538-8777

    • Moore Public Schools,

      509 Highland, Moore, MT 59464, 406-374-2231

    • Roy K-12 Schools,

      Box 9, Roy, MT 59471, 406-464-2511

    • Spring Creek Colony Elementary,

      P. O. Box 1185, Lewistown, MT 59457, 406-538-8022

    • Winifred K-12 Schools,

      Box 109, Winifred, MT 59489, 406-462-5349

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