Setters West - English Setter Hunting Dogs

Setters West is dedicated to hardworking hunting English Setters, dog lover friends who have supported in breeding efforts and trainning dogs on wild birds. Pups are as part of their family and find when pups are well bonded to their owners; they want to please in the field as well as in the home. They like to work pups together in the field at a young age in order to foster a desire to back other points and learn to set birds with the help of other dogs.

The goals at Setters West are to breed healthy pups with good dispositions and great hunting instincts. They want buyers to be as happy with their pups as they are with them. Litters are whelped inside home in whelping area and pups become a part of family until they leave for their new homes. Then pups are well socialized to noises, other people and older dogs before they leave at 7 to 8 weeks of age. Early bonding and socialization results in more intelligent and biddable dogs.

They start to kennel pups at 5 weeks of age for small amounts of time during the day. They want them to feel secure in their kennels for car and airplane travel. You will find that kenneling pups at this age helps in the house breaking process later on.

The dogs they produce possess the natural instincts of good pointing dogs, are biddable in the field, and make wonderful home companions during and after the bird season ends. Breeding stock is OFA certified and proven of good health.


Setters West
1511 Timberline Road
Lewistown, MT 59457
United States