Synthesis Industries - Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System

One of the newest, most flexible, quick and effective cutting systems on the market is the abrasive waterjet cutting system. It combines water at high pressures with garnet to allow for precision cutting of almost any materials using the Cad/Cam designing system for your prototyping needs and cutting requirements for your manufactured components. It is no longer necessary to sand or grind edges. The abrasive waterjet eliminates that time consuming process with its smooth cuts. The array of items it can cut is unbelievable. It is perfect for items that are heat sensitive. They have examples of items that have cut that range from 4 inch steel to wood.

Also coordinated effort with Precision Lift on heli-baskets and the fire suppression units and new CNC Mill added to better ability to serve you.


Custom CNC abrasive water jet cutting; CNC vertical milling services; manufactures military specification ground cables & hardware Heel grounding straps, Grounding hardware, Anti static floor mats, Anti static worktable mats, Antistatic belts, Antistatic maintenance kits, Antistatic toe straps.


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