Historic Hotel Calvert

The Hotel Calvert was built as a dormitory for rural students of Fergus County High School. With forty-five individual rooms, the Hotel offers a wide variety of uniquely appointed, clean, and quiet accommodations, at very moderste prices. Calvert Hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Hotel Calvert - relive the past in modern ambiance, elegant luxury and classic character
Enjoy the historic ambiance, elegant luxury and classic character of the newly remodeled Historic Calvert Hotel. Dine at the Onyx Bar and Grill, conveniently located in the hotel. Nestled amongst five mountain ranges in beautiful Lewistown, Montana, the Calvert is a perfect place for a relaxing getaway. Room prices start at $90/night

History of Historic Hotel Calvert

The Calvert was not always a hotel. The building was conceived during one of the most exciting times in Central Montana's History. The Federal Homesteads Acts of 1901 and 1912 provided for 320 acres of land and a three year waiting period (rather than 160 acres and five years) for settlement of our arid western lands. This brought many settlers to make their fortunes in agriculture, but it wasn't until the construction of Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad into the beautiful Judith Basin, that the settlers began to arrive by the thousands.

Prior to these events, The Montana Legislature recognized the great distances that separated its' people and passed legislation which provided for free county schooling, to be funded by taxation, for all high school age students. The tremendous influx of settlers into Central Montana brought a great period of prosperity and construction to Lewistown. However, it also brought many great responsibilities, one of which was education.

As the county seat, Lewistown was responsible for providing educational facilities for its' residents. Schools were built and teachers hired as required by law. However, Fergus County encompasses a tremendous area and it was impossible to bring all students into Lewistown daily for their required education. Adequate housing was at a premium because of this rapid expansion and boarding houses were few and very expensive.

The School District was not only one of education, but also one of logistics. In 1915 the school administrator recommend that a dormitory be built. The School District was already strapped for funds in just providing basic educational needs and was hardly prepared to provide student housing. So in 1916 the administrator of schools joined with the Chamber of Commerce and set out to raise the needed Monies. As has been true throughout Central Montana's history, the business community rose to the cause! A corporation was formed (the Central Montana Improvement Corporation) and $30,000 was raised by sale of stock.

On February 1, 1917 the dormitory opened. It was a fine structure, made of native brick rising two and one half stories above ground level, with 27 rooms adequate for about 50 students. It contained a full kitchen, dining room and laundry on the lower floor, with rooms for young gentlemen on the main floor, and a parlor and rooms for young ladies on the top floor. This is presently the South side of the Calvert.Because of the Dormitory's great success, an addition was made on the North side around 1919. This doubled the rooms, gave a larger dinning room and kitchen, staff quarters, and even added a two-room infirmary. This is the main structure you see today.

Main Floor

Unless otherwise noted rooms have bath down the hall.
Main Floor of Historic Calvert Hotel

Top Floor

Unless otherwise noted rooms have bath down the hall.
Top Floor of Historic Calvert Hotel


Historic Calvert Hotel Bathmat

Location and Directions:

Historic Calvert Hotel is located off the main Highway 87 through town. Turn south at corner of Main and 7th Avenue. We are just 1 1/2 blocks off Main.
location of Historic Calvert Hotel, Lewistown, MT


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