Montana Barns

For 80 years, a major milking operation was run out of the barns at the Ayrshire Dairy. Diamond-shaped windows sit in three steeples in the horse barn built in 1912. A series of doors were built wagon-high on the second floor to make loading hay easier.

While traveling back north on state road 541, along the Montana Bale Trail, you will see two barns near the road. You will love the colors on the weathered siding, especially on the barn on the left.
Montana Barns
There is something about the ruggedness and weathered visage of an old barn and its unassuming elegance that stems from the wisdom and economy of purposeful design. Iron hasps forged by strong hands, native rock generously cut, hefty wooden planks sliced overly thick - these are the ingredients needed to render a barn sturdy enough to last and worthy of a long heritage.

The concept behind Montana Barnwood was created on the seat of a tractor. Focusing on providing an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to barn destruction, Montana Barnwood reclaims and recycles usable building materials. Fostering a win-win relationship by renewing building products, Montana Barnwood is a proven choice for resource for building material sustainability and stewardship.

Montana Barns

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Glendive - 1913, Montana Barns Somers - 1907, Montana Barns Kalispell - 1890's, Montana Barns Kalispell - 1890's mansion, Montana Barns Kalispell - 1910, Montana Barns Kalispell - 1920's, Montana Barns Columbia Falls - Research Continues, Montana Barns Hot Springs - Research Continues, Montana Barns East of Missoula, Montana Barns Warm Springs, Montana Barns Whitehall - 1914, Montana Barns Kleffner Ranch at Helena - 1888, Montana Barns Moore, Montana Barns Sun River - 1885, Montana Barns

Beyond their deep aesthetic beauty, barns also link us to the rural foundations of our culture - and to a time when so many more Americans were farm people. The notion that a citizen farmer might own property, have a voice in government, and exercise some control over his destiny still stands as a parable in the creation of this nation. Barns resonate with the power of this democratic allegory, and on some deep level, they inspire us to remember the importance of people coming together to build something big, something beautiful, and something that will preserve traditions for future generations. But today, historic barns are disappearing from the horizon at an alarming rate.

Copies of "Hand Raised: The Barns of Montana" are available at local bookstores, or can be ordered directly from the Montana Historical Society by calling 1-800-243-9900 or online at

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